i did not find a solution how can i set up port forwarding in icinga like e.g.

ssh -L8081:destination host user@between host

Thank you in advance


why you want to configure this in icinga?
Why you don’t use your local firewall for this? iptables, firewall-cmd have options for this

HI Stevie,
first of all thx for your saft replay.
i have a host1 that i can reach via vpn,behind the host1 are the 2 ipcams that i want to reach via ssh(+check disk),on the cams run a small linux.
Unfortunately I don’t have access to routers where I can set up port forwarding and I can only access the cams via the option above.


And if you define aother port at the chek_by_ssh doesn’t work?

I tried it, but it didn’t help,
if I connect me thru cmd with ssh -L8081:IP target:8878 user@between IP and then reach the cams via browser it works

My problem is i don’t know how or which parrameter or arguments i have to put in check_by_ssh