Parent dependency between two dummy hosts


It’s possible to create a parent dependency between two dummy hosts?
I have two dummy hosts to configure clusters and I’m trying to configure a dependency between them but the rule it’s not applying like other normal host objects (no dummies).
Maybe it’s a limitation?

Thanks you.

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do here.
Can you post the config snippets for the host objects, the dependency template and the dependency object?


please share the configuration bits for the two hosts and your current dependency attempt. Also the output of icinga2 daemon -C is important to fully understand the problem.


Uf! ok,
it’s monday. The problem was that I’m trying to apply the dependency rule to a dummy host if host.address, and no host.address for dummy host…

Thanks you for you time, good morning!

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:smiley: I feel you

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