Old version of Icinga Web 2 is bundled in Apple XCode 12.4?

When loading Apple Xcode 12.4 on Mac OS 10.15.7. We get a critical vulnerability alert on our Sentinel One endpoint protection solution. Sentinel One indicates that Icinga Web 2 version 1.0 is loaded on the machine. Prior to Icinga version 2.6.2 has a known issue listed in CVE-2018-18249. Can someone confirm if icinga is truly bundled in Xcode? Also is there a way to update Icinga on the Mac to get the patched version of icinga web.

I’m sure Apple Xcode does not include Icinga, although for a truly
authoritative answer you should ask Apple.

This sounds like a false positive from Sentinel One, which you should take up
with them.


There is no Icinga Web 2 version 1.0 to begin with. :man_shrugging: