Nscp-local-uptime not able to understand the argument

I am somehow not able to figure out how nscp_arguments parameter
What I need is to capture unexpected quick reboot. I have kept 10d just for testing


another director glitch. You have to change the nscp_arguments field from string to array in director.
Then you can add your arguemnts as a real array and the repeat_key from the command will be correctly used.
If you add brackets to a string field in director, it will be used as a string :slight_smile:


Damn!! And I had been breaking my head and trying to all sort of permutation combination.

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Forgot to mention, this is your change to open an issue, it looks like @tgelf forgot this on his list #1167 :slight_smile:

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Thank You. You are superb and fast. I am heading to git and opening a new issue for Thomas :slight_smile: