Nscp_api - critical/TcpSocket: Invalid socket: Connection refused

I have been trying to use nscp_api for one of my windows server… Here the service apply

apply Service “nscp-api-” for (drive in host.vars.drives) {
import “generic-service”

check_command = “nscp_api”
command_endpoint = host.vars.agent_endpoint

//display_name = “nscp-drive-” + drive

vars.nscp_api_host = “localhost”
vars.nscp_api_query = “check_drivesize”
vars.nscp_api_password = host.vars.nscp_api_password
vars.nscp_api_arguments = [ “drive=” + drive ]

assign where host.vars.client_endpoint

custom attributes on hostfile…

vars.nscp_api_password = "icinga2"
vars.drives = [ "C:", "D:" ]

On icinga2 master it throws an error like this…

Can you please give an advise on this?