Notifications - multiple devices monitored with one check

Wondering if someone might help
Icinga server
Host A - managed by use and Icinga agent install
Customer device-A - managed by the customer and not allowed to deploy an agent.
Customer device-B - managed by the customer and not allowed to deploy an agent.
Customer device-X - managed by the customer and not allowed to deploy an agent.

We have deployed the Icinga agent onto a host. HostA is managed by us and is used to check connectivity to customer devices. I cannot deploy any agents on the customer devices. Customers can add and remove devices weekly if they want.

Currently, we have one check which runs every15mins to ensure that HostA can connect to customer devices. If HostA is unable to connect with one customer device I will get a notification as the check has gone into a critical state.
While the check is still in a critical state a second customer device is unable to connect to HostA. The notification message output shows that two customer devices are down, but I do not receive any notification as the check is still in a critical condition.

Does anyone know any workaround that would assist me?

Hi & welcome to the icinga community,

What you are looking for is a notification when the plugin output changes. This is not possible with Icinga.

As a work around I’ve extended my check plugin to “reset” means change plugin output to OK and then run the normal next run. To detect output changes I send the last check result to the plugin as described here.

Its possible, what he is looking for is the volatile option for hosts & services.


Thanks Carsten for the reply,
In regards to the volatile option, we reply on max_check_attempts been set to 3 to help avoid false result. Can this still be used?
If the service went critical with “Device X down” at 00:15. 30mins later the service is scheduled to run again, if the state is still critical with “Device X down”, would this generate a new notification?

Thanks Roland for the reply. Think I need to see if I can do this!!