Notification in dependency of another notification


I have a question about the following (simplified example) scenario:

Host_A checks a service.
Host_B checks the same service
Now 2 messages would be sent if the service goes down.
(in short: a service gets double-checked)
Just a note: It could happen, that only one of the checks leads to an error.

What I want to accomplish is the following:
If a notification was sent for one of the services, the other one should not be sent (and vice-versa).

Does anyone have an idea about this?
Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance.


I would solve it differently because what you want is not directly possible.

I would use the business process module which allows to build a business process consisting of this two services and the logical connection (AND, OR, MIN, …). Then you could notify for the business process instead of the two technical services.

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Hi Dirk.

Thank you very much, that is a good idea and clears it up.


Can you add a dependency for for Host A service to Host B service and vice-versa?

apply Dependency "Host_A-service" to Service {
  parent_service_name = "service_name"
  disable_notifications = true
  ignore_soft_states = false

  assign where "Host_A" && == "service_name"

I never did this before but I would think it would be possible.


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If I remember correctly this was possible to configure but not really working as it is a dependency circle and got fixed to throw an error now during config compilation.

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