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Hey there,
I think it’s a very easy to answer the question, but I cannot find the solution by my own.
I want to use in icinga director Host-Templates the “notes_url” field to connect to my documentation webpage, which runs very smooth. But there is an optical thing… the link ist very long and I want to shorten it. Is there a way to display in icingaweb2 something like: Machine Documentation instead of: https://someserver.domain.tld/cmdb/search?query=hostname… and so on.

Or another idea was to use the “notes” field with some markdown text, but I cannot use the macros like $host.displayname$ or $$. Is there a way to parse the macros in this field?

Thanks a lot

Would it be an option to use custom navigation instead?

You can find this under “Your User Account” > “My Account” > “Navigation”. There you can click “Create a New Navigation Item”. As Type you can choose “Host Action” and Target “New Window”. The URL can use placeholders like $host.address$ or $service_check_command$ and with a filter you can also limit where it appears.

This has also options for sharing it to only specific users or groups.

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Hi Dirk,
that’s amazing! Thank you very much for this hint.