Not able to login with local db users

hello guys,

i am having issues logging in with users from the local db. i can create a user in the WebGui and it appears in the DB but when i try to login i just keep getting incorrect username or password

i turned on debug logging and there i only see an attempt to login using ldap

in authentication.ini i have:

in resources.ini:

in roles.ini:

in the WebGui i created a user and set a password for it, added it to a user group.
created a role and added the user/group to it

i can see the user in the db:

am i missing a step somewhere? if i understand correctly when i log in the configured backends in authentication.ini should be used from top to bottom and the ldap config is working.

thanks in advance

Did you set a default domain in the general configuration?

yes i did:

removing that seems to do the trick

thank you

If you set a default domain, you’d have to include the domain also for all database usernames. (i.e. kiosk@politie)

ok, clear
indeed removing the default domain broke it for the ldap users.
i added @politie to the db user and now all seems good

thanks for the help