No notifications from "service-windows" command

Good Morning Icinga Community

I have built a few week’s ago a custom Slack notification plugin.
Now I noticed that I don’t get a notification from the check command “service-windows”, but from all other checks I do.

When I use the check command “nscp-local-service” I get the notification in the slack channel.

Does someone of you know if the Check Command “service-windows” does not send a notification (generally)?

Attached my Slack notification script and the log file.
service-by-slack.txt (3.1 KB)
icinga2.log (594 Bytes)

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how is the notification rule? Maybe you forgot something to define or you did an explicit definition for check-commands, custom-vars etc. what the the check command “service-Windows” or whose services do not have.

Sorry for my late response.
Attached I send you a screenshot from Icinga Director Notification Preview.

I have checked the service template and service apply rule. Did not found any differents oposite the other checks which are successfully send their notification to Slack.

What I found out, that nscp-local-service works with notification. I’ve copied from service-windows, it should be the same :slight_smile:

Do you have an idea?

ok, you use the director. That’s good. So you have in the preview view the function “Show resolved”. After you’ll see in the view every Option also from the template. Could you share this?

But maybe the value at “interval” is wrong. 0s? is this correct?

Yes of course.
Attached you find all options:

apply Notification “Internal Production Service Alarm by Slack” to Service {
command = “Service Alarm by Slack”
interval = 0s
period = “internal_production_vm”
zone = “master”
assign where “Prod” in host.groups
states = [ Critical, OK, Unknown, Warning ]
types = [
users = [ “slack” ]
vars.slack_webhook_url = “…”

We have deliberately set the interval to 0 seconds so that I will only be notified once. Works perfectly with the other checks.

If you prefer to be notified only once, you can disable re-notifications by setting the interval attribute to 0 .

Ok for me it looks correct what your director is rendering. And time period and check command is present.

Is it possible to check if your notification server receives the notification? If the server receives the message what is he doing with it (deny because something is missing)? And what happens if icinga sends it and if you send it as root manually? Because my next idea would be some missing permissions for your script.