No Historical data in icinga_servicechecks table (MySQL)

Hi Everybody,
little caveat, I’m really new with icinga. My company was using before since 2010 and now I’m starting from the scratch with the last version running on a Debian machine.
At the moment it seems everything fine, but I have just the small question about the table inside MySql “icinga_servicechecks” because in the old system we were using the data inside to do other stuff, but now in the new environment is empty. There is something for me missing.
The first question for sure is: is this table written in real time?
Thanks a lot



no, this table is known as a performance killer, and intentionally is disabled in the default configuration. AFAIK this also was the case with Icinga 1.x back then.

The rationale for not storing every single check result also relates to the fact that time series databases store metrics (performance data) in a better and scaling way.

Instead of looking into the IDO categories attributes, I’d suggest to create a script/daemon which subscribes to the REST API Event Streams and processes the check results from there. The IDO feature shouldn’t be harmed with additional query overhead.