No Backend configured error

Hi Team,

I am getting the below error. I am using Icinga version 2.13.2-1. I have configured this as Icinga satellite and got this error while enabling the monitoring module from the webui. Can anyone help in resolving this error?

Well you need to configure a backend in configuration of the icingaweb2.
I think with backend it means the icingaweb2 DB under the URL /icingaweb2/config/resource and then select it under /icingaweb2/config/general - alternatively you can use the config files under /etc/icingaweb2/.

Hi, Backends are already added and the validation is also successful. Still I am getting the above error.

I see a mismatch. In resources, you have icinga_ido and icingaweb_db but icingaweb2 from “Access Control Backends” is missing.