New(?) Icinga Web module repo naming scheme

Hi Icinga Web 2 guys!

By naming not you’ve kind of broken .

Will you undo that or do I have to change the auto-discovery process?


Hi Alex,

Because more and more modules are complete products and since we’re shifting focus towards the web, we decided to get rid of the “module” in our names completely.

Once we have packages for all our modules ready, we will migrate their names as well.

All the best,

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Away from core? iam speechless

The focus was solely meant marketing wise. Our “core” is the web interface, director and Icinga 2 itself of course.

For me, the core is the Icinga2 core. It controls all the satellites and the agents.
It’s essential, without it nothing works.

Icingaweb2 is - for me - there to display the checks.
And the Director is a - very powerful and complex - extension of the Icingaweb2.
But both have nothing to do with a core.

I think your definition goes more in the direction of the Icinga2 platform.


I think what Eric was talking about was, that Icinga Web 2, Director and Icinga 2 are the things we would consider the “the standard package” or “core package”, from which the modules branch off :slight_smile:

So yes, Icinga 2 does the essential thinking and checking, but the web also does much more than just displaying - with all of the modules at least, which serve as an extension to the Icinga Web 2.

Technically when you @bodsch speak about the Icinga Core, you’re talking about Icinga 2 (the term ‘Icinga Core’ is not really any official name) :slight_smile:
And yes, I know we do use it ourselves as well - sorry, for being a sticker upper :smiley:

Hope I helped clear up the confusion instead of creating more

Have a nice day,

Its new to me that you need the director to run icinga as a monitoring platform.
its an addon for me that makes it easier to use import sources and configuration for those who needs a gui to do it.
Some to improve monitoring like BP, some only colorfull but no benefit (from monitoring view) like vSphereDB and x509, some nice to have like graphite/grafana/map and some useless like globe :slight_smile: And there are many more out there (snmptrap, parents to name the ones i have installed)

But lets discuss this on friday (hope you will join)


Sure thing, sounds good!

I’ll be your host, so think I should be there :wink:


A russian proverb: “Call me even a pot, but don’t put me into a furnace.”

Parents sounds interesting, havent found that :slight_smile:

Its not named parent, but here you go

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Please could you define a not neccessarily backwards compatible algorithm for crawlers (with the data sources GitHub API and the cloned repos) to answer the following questions:

  1. Is this one an Icinga Web 2 module?
  2. If yes, what’s its (folder’s) name?

At the moment we have icingaweb2-module-$module where $module is the module name.
We thought about icinga-$component-web for future repos. $component would be the module name there. The sole exception is icingadb-web where icingadb is the module name.

I’m not quite sure whether you’ll really like the “icinga-” prefix inside the “Icinga/” namespace. Anyway I’ll just strip it away if it’s there, so I’ll hit both icingadb-web and all others.

Also I’m not quite sure whether the “-web” suffix always makes sense in modules which aren’t “just the web interface” of something else – does it? E.g. you don’t have an “icinga-director”, but just an “icinga-director-web” – in contrast to “icingadb” and “icingadb-web”.

Btw. are these ones official mods?

If yes, shall they be hostet by Icinga, not NETWAYS?