Multiple icinga web connects to the same icinga backend


I am new to icinga2. My question is: is it a bad idea to have 2 icinga web on different hosts connecting to the same icinga2 backend?

From what i understand, that should be doable, but since I dont have much experience with icinga2, i am not sure if there is any problem it might come later?

Your opinion and experience is highly appreciated!



There are some discrepancies in what you say and the Icinga ecosystem structure, so lets clarify those and then answer your question:
Icinga2-Web2 reads,can updates some attributes and display the information that is stored in the IDO engine ( be it Postgres or MySQL) .
Icinga writes the data to the IDO.

So with that understanding, Yes you can connect multiple Web2 instances to the Database, but it is a good idea to ensure you are not creating a situation that will cause 2 Web interfaces trying to update the same records.

The way to do that is to create 2 permission roles on the DB, one for the full access and another with “read” only so it can be a simple dashboard and thus negating the possibility of conflicting commands coming from the Web.



Hello Assaf,

Thanks for your opinion. That sounds reasonable. However, I was wondering, even in case of only one Web2 instance, if two logged on users with proper permission try to update the same record simultaneously, the conflict can still happen, right?

Yes, that can happen even in that case, but that is a risk that will always exist in a multi user system.
You can limit that within the permissions and roles that come with Web2.