is it possible to use Icinga2 in multitenant?
Let me explain better with an example:
I would like to configure a master (Icinga + icingaweb2 + director) with public access (e.g. and have 3 satellites for 3 different customers (USA, MEXICO and UK) connected to him.
Each satellite controls the status (e.g. on or off) of the endpoints within the respective offices.

I would like to allow the customers (USA, MEXICO and UK) to access the master and check the status of their endpoints without having the ability to see the presence of other customers and the status of their checks.
For example, I’d like the USA will be able to access the Master’s web interface and will be able to see the status of their endpoints, but will not be able to see at all if there are other clients and other endpoints under control.

Is it possible to do all this?
Thank you in advance.

Yes, it is possible to do this.

I know of two ways to approach it, I think the first is not officially supported,
but it does work for me.

  1. Install Icingaweb2 on your Satellites as well as your Master.

Each will then display the machines and services known to that Satellite, but
not the others.

  1. Create multiple users and use Icingaweb2’s access control facilities
    Security - Icinga Web 2 to restrict what
    each user can see.


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You do not need to configure multiple tenants for this setup. You can configure role permissions in the Icingaweb2 for what each customer can view in Icingaweb2.
For example, add all devices for customer ‘USA’ into a hostgroup name ‘USA’. Setup a role filter for ‘USA’ contacts to view only the ‘USA’ hostgroup.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you both so much.
I will do some testing with virtual machines