Moonshot Cartridge Monitoring

Hello my favorite Community,

Unfortunately I have a problem with monitoring my Moonshot Cartridge Health. All I check right now is ping. What I’m trying to achieve is to monitor the basic health of all cartridges and the powerstate of them.

I hope someone has any good hints or information how this could be solved. Thank you in advance.

What management or monitoring capabilities does one of these things have?

Can you talk to it with a browser, or using SNMP, perhaps telnet or SSH?

Anything which can be interrogated from a script can be monitored with Icinga,
but we need to know what communication capabilities the thing has before
suggesting how to monitor it.


In addition to the answer from @Pooh if SNMP also check which version and if you can snmp querys or only snmp traps. Some hardware also sends syslog messages.
Some hardware offers more capabilities and some only one of them. We for example have a storage system which only can send syslog and snmp traps