Monitoring remote windows hosts that the master cannot connect to directly

Hello! I am sure that I am just not searching for the right thing, but what I am trying to accomplish is to have Icinga installed on a remote VPS, then monitor several different Windows servers from a client site behind a single public IP. I would envision this process as “calling home”, but I’m not seeing how I can implement this in Icinga. The hosts file looks for an IP (rightly so in most cases), but in my case the IP would be the same for all hosts (or it would be their internal IP which the master wouldn’t be able to reach).

Can someone please point me in the right direction here?

You could configure one of the remote hosts to be a satellite and perform checks from that local network (reporting back to your VPS), but the simpler approach could be to have those remote hosts connect back to your VPS. The check_command for each of the remote hosts would then need to be icinga or dummy since you won’t be able to ping them from the VPS.

Awesome, that is what I needed. Thanks!