Monitor network drives

i got rented servers where i get backupspace. Naturally i ended up mounting then
on linux via fuse.sshfs
on windows as smb network drive
and want to monitor them i notice when the space is running out (as in check_disk).
That does not seem to work …
Now since that is the hosters special backup space i can only access it from the server it belongs to. Usung a SMB check seems bad since i can’t have a test-account there and would have to add my real login for the icinga check.
Any ideas who to check that?

On Linux mounts are covered by check disk plugin (I haven’t been using it with fuse, but with smbfs).

You can create a Windows user that doesn’t have read/write access to anything and it should work. Is there a technical or security reason you’re not able to? The SMB check works great.

As far as sshfs goes, do you have shell access to those machines? You could use check_by_ssh unless it would make your provider upset.

It seems the linux sshfs mount forves a user and group id of 0 aka root, so the nagios user can’t access it.
check_by_ssh is not possible, i got no real SSH login on the other box