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This Module for Icinga Web 2 integrates your Elastic stack into Icinga Web 2. Based on [Elasticsearch] instances and event types you configure, the module allows you to display data collected by Beats , Logstash and any other source. After you’ve installed and configured the module, you can browse events via the host action.


The Module can be found here

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Documentation on how to configure the module can be found here

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We would appreciate if the community would share their experience with this module in :open_book: written or visual :video_camera: form as an screencast.

Best Practice

As reported from User TomaszSz for Windows Machines with german Desktop/LogSettings

for application logs (level error & warning - german systems)


for system logs

I’m trying to get this module running atm for some tests on single pc.
So, i was able to install elasticseach on icinga, winlogbeat on a windows machine.
Invoking some test rest queries on elasticsearch shows me some data (winglobeat by default is configured to gather at least application, system and security logs) - there are events.

Module seems to be working - it does not show any connection issues, log seems to be fine now (previously i had some issues with connectivity).

The problem, i have troubles configuring event type i think.
Event Type Name is unimportant - it’s just a name to show?
Instance is choosen.
Index=winlogbeat-* (should be fine, as i checked via api all entries begins with winlogbeat-datetime)
Filter= as i understand filters role is mainly to read logs from specific host instead of all of them?
But, using asterix (Filter=*) should get me everything?
What should i use here in the future if i use always FQDNs in icigna (co icinga host is always = Computer in eventlog)
Fields - at least eventid should get me something?
Fields=eventid ?

I’m trying then to get something via Icinga web interface, but it shows me “no events found”. :frowning:
This is my current test configuration:

Just a tip for debugging: Add Kibana to your setup and you’ll see exactly how your events look like and if there are any fields missing or wrongly-named.


Thank you!
It helped to solve my problems.
Looks like i have to use:
to compare FQDNs
and in my example event_id.

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Just if someone finds this usefull, i ended up with the following filters:
for application logs (level error & warning - german systems)
for system logs

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I’m trying to use this module but always getting 0 hits.
Connection to elasticsearch instance is working because if I change one connection parameter I get an error message.
eventtypes are configured like this:
Name syslog
Instance elasticsearch
Index syslog_*
Filter host=*
Fields host, message

Fields are available in elasticsearch (I checked through kibana).
Now if I fire a request like this via command line:
icingacli elasticsearch check --instance elasticsearch --crit 10 --warn 5 --index syslog_* --filter=host=* --from -1d
I get 0 hits when in reality I have more than a thousand hits from kibana.

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance

Hello there and welcome to the community,
you might want to open a new topic with your issue :slight_smile:
This thread has been burried sinde Feb 2019, so a fresh issue could use a fresh topic, for visibility :wink:

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