Migration to fresh icinga2 director satellite system


we´re using icinga2 quite a long time on a local vm, which is gathering all remote values via different host and service checks.

Now we would like to install our monitoring on a fresh vm and distribute the check on two satellites, which are running directly e.g. at aws. Is it possible to migrate all old check values to the new deployed host template / check template structure? How have I to map the old hosts to the new deployed host templates with icinga2 director?



What you need is to use the “import” functionality of Director

With that you can take information from the database and bring it in to the new director objects and manage them like that.

The preview and Sync rules allow you to modify fields and through that you can adapt them to the templates and satellites endpoint execution.

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Thank you very much - can you give an example or is there perhaps any suitable how to, which you can mention? When I´ve got a little bit more information I can write a blog post for others if my task was successfully.

One example would be to use the IDO MySQL database as import data source and write specific queries which select the host names and attributes.

The following is a simple IDO query to get all host names and their address attribute.

select oh.name1 as host_name, h.address as address from icinga_objects oh join icinga_hosts h on oh.object_id=h.host_object_id and oh.is_active=1;

Using that method, it should be possible to create host objects and import certain attributes. Once that works, consider looking into doing an inventory and maybe re-create your services based on service sets and apply rules. Grown configuration is not always the best to migrate 1:1.