Migration from Icinga2 Windows -> Icinga2 windows powershell

Hey guys…

Looks like using icinga2 agent is deprecated and we need to switch to the powershell version…

Is there an easy way to migrate ?

what’s about our Apply service using the old version ?

Where you read this? Icinga2 Agent is not deprecated! The binary (exe) checks are marked as deprecated. That’s all.

“Icinga for Windows” includes the PowerShell-Framework and the Plugins. And Instead of the old binary checks you can use the PowerShell Checks. These will be further developed and are working very well.

Ohhh I really misunderstand this part.

so the only thing we need to do, it’s to change our check from the old binary and start using the one from powershell!

Yes, you have to change the check command.
But from our experience maybe you create a second service for the new powershell checks. And you replace the checks from group to group (e.g. like OS versions, test/productions server etc.) by changing the apply rule. So you’ll see where could be problems.

Maybe you’ll misunderstood the part, because Icinga for Windows has its own daemon. look here Introduction - Icinga for Windows

Ohhhh, if we are using


that mean we need to reinstall our “agent” on Windows ?

no, I think you misunderstand again something! Icinga for Windows has also an own daemon to run the check for better performance. If you wan’t to use it, here is the install/config instruction Installation - Icinga for Windows.
Maybe the plog post about the latest realease will help also to understand it better https://icinga.com/blog/2022/02/08/releasing-icinga-for-windows-v1-8-0-the-power-of-rework/

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