Memory leak in icinga?

$ dpkg -s icinga2 | grep Version
Version: 2.12.0-1.bionic

$ smem -k
10112 nagios   /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/i     5.5G   386.5M   387.8M   390.5M

$ ps faux|grep 10112
nagios   10112  1.5 39.7 6765656 401316 ?      Sl   Sep29  69:00  \_ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/icinga2/sbin/icinga2 --no-stack-rlimit daemon --close-stdio -e /var/log/icinga2/error.log

We are monitoring about 40 systems and have about 450 checks going.

Last week the system started whining abour swap space running out. So I doubled the swap space. Now swap space is used up again. And the memory used by the main icinga only keeps on growing.

This is the central monitoring hub of ours where all satellites are connecting to and reporting their stati.

The massive growth of the memory consumed by the main icinga2 process only seems to have started since a week or so and does not correlate to anything I’m aware of (except restarting the host server around the same time, but that correlation doesn’t make sense to me).

So, is there maybe a memory leak at work in the main icinga2 process? Is that much memory consumption normal? Any hints or clues?

At least one memory leak is under investigation at the moment:

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so today oom-killer turned up, mustered the processes around, found the nasty one, and pulled the trigger.

Is there anything else I can do to move this problem towards a resolution?