Max Concurrent Checks for a specific check

in the official documentation I read about the possibility to set the constant “MaxConcurrentChecks” in constants.conf

Is it possible to set the number of simultaneous controls for a specific service?
For example, can I check “hostalive” one at a time on the hosts that Icinga is monitoring?

thanks for your advice


Can you elaborate on what exactly you want to achieve?
As in, what would that do for your environment?




If I understand you correctly, you want to restrict how many checks are run simultanously? That’s set globally and you can’t set it per check or per plugin. So you can’t decide if the checks are pings, SQL health checks or webserver checks. It just sets globally how many checks (hosts and services added up) are run in parallel. This is only useful for very small or very huge environments.

But as @theFeu asked: Maybe you can tell us a bit more?


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Yes, that’s what I mean.
Thank you.

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