Master-Master setup - primary master process not working if secondary master is running

Hello there,

I started working on a Master-Master-Cluster with my new Icinga2-Setup. After configuring the new Icinga2 with IcingaWeb2 and Icinga Director I installed a second server and followed again the instructions in the official documentation. So far so good, the second server ist up and running. After following the official documentation about creating a master-master-cluster I found out that it worked, as the secondary master received the config and started monitoring, but if the secondary master is running, the primary master process is not updating the local database. I don’t know, why, every server has it’s own local database and if the secondary master is shut down the process on the primary master comes “back to live” and updates the local database again (showing in “system” - “monitoring status”). Why is the process not updating the local database when secondary master is up and running!? That seems a little odd to me and I hope here is someone that could help me along with this.

Didn’t expect that this scenario would be so hard to realize, but Icinga-Cluster seems to be one of the hardest things to realize, ever… Would be great, if there will be an upgrade that simplifies this setup-procedure…

Thanks so far

Hello @0csic!

Have you tried enable_ha = false?