mariaDB Galera Cluster - "got no valid response" - Exponential value as response

Hello Community,

I inherited an icinga2 installtion (2.12.1-1) on Debian 10.
It has a service for monitoring mariaDB Galera Cluster and uses some WSREP system variables to monitor health.
After upgrade mariadb to latest 10.5. release, some services like “Galera - send-queue-avg” now fail with

UNKNOWN - got no valid response for SELECT VARIABLE_VALUE FROM
information_schema.SESSION_STATUS where VARIABLE_NAME

because for very small values this variable is now represented in exponential notation, e.g. 0.0000345 is now shown as 3.45e-05

Could someone give me an advice on how to fix this issue?
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

i would need the same help

You could update the query similar to this:

SELECT CAST('3.45e-05' AS float);


SELECT '3.45e-05' * POW(10, 5);
and adjust your thresholds accordingly.