Local Icinga2 login without using the "default login domain" by default


I have set the default login domain in icingaweb (/etc/icingaweb2/config.ini).
So it is not necessary to type the domain at login.

But now it is not possible to login with locale users. Is there a possibility to use both variants in parallel ? AD login by default domain and local accounts?

that depends on your ldap settings, we can login without the domain and with local user

local accounts have to have the default domain as part of their names then (e.g. icingaadmin@default.domain)

Your example is a domain login or not ? But how to login with a local user, when i have configured the default domain under Configuration → Application ?

Can you give me an example of your configuration ?

No, it’s a database user. Take a look at the documentation (right at the end) where exactly this is covered.