Linux Fabrik script/commands

Anyone is using the LinuxFabrik service check script ?

We are not using Director and we are looking for the commands config to include in our config, anyone is having this ? :wink:

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I know the collection, but I donโ€™t use it myself (yet).
But CheckCommands is very well documented.
Writing your own definitions is not rocket science.

@bodsch I know, but they have a lot of checks in their collection, just a little bit lazy :wink:

Then I have a suggestion:
Create a GitHub repo and start creating CheckCommands.
Iโ€™m sure some people will like it and contribute.
Itโ€™s OpenSource โ€ฆ help contribute!

Or setup a small test system with the director, import the baskets, copy the commands from the created.conf files and use those ^^
And as a karma bonus you could provide the .conf files as PR to the Linuxfabrik github :wink: