Limitations for monitoring/blacklist/properties

Hello everybody,

I have some hosts where I want to restrict the view of services for users.

User A should only have his host group (hostgroup_a)
and not user B’s (hostgroup_b) user A should not see user B’s http_check. is that feasible?

I have entered it under Icingaweb2 / Configuration / Authentication / monitoring / blacklist / properties for user A:

monitoring/blacklist/properties (hostgroup_name=B|service_name=Check HTTP)

But unfortunately it has no effect on the view of user A. User A still sees the HTTP check of user B.

Does anyone have a tip for me here. Thank you


you’re using the wrong restriction. monitoring/blacklist/properties is for custom variables. You want monitoring/filter/objects.

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When I use monitoring/filter/objects with this Parameters it doesn’t work


I hope the Parameters: “Es sind Verknüpfungen (OR = |, AND = &, NOT = !) und Vergleiche (EQUAL =, NOT EQUAL = !=, GREATER = >, LESS = <, GREATER OR EQUAL = >=, LESS OR EQUAL = <=) möglich” are correct

I want use: “hostgroup_name=RedHat” + "NOT = ! " and the User should not see the Service “test_load”

How can I implement that …

To achieve that you need to use the AND operator & to combine both conditions. To filter for a single service you have to use the service_description column.

i.e. hostgroup_name=RedHat&service_description!=test_load

Thanks, with service_description it works fine :slight_smile: