Ldap_connect(): Could not create session handle: Bad parameter to an ldap routine

Hello ,
i have set ldap in icingaweb 2 but getting this error “Could not create session handle: Bad parameter to an ldap routine” , all information regarding icinga, php version and authentication.ini , resources.ini are as follow :

icinga2 version

icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: r2.11.4-1)

Copyright © 2012-2020 Icinga GmbH (https://icinga.com/)
License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl2.html
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

System information:
Platform: Debian GNU/Linux
Platform version: 10 (buster)
Kernel: Linux
Kernel version: 4.15.0-112-generic
Architecture: x86_64

Build information:
Compiler: GNU 8.3.0
Build host: runner-ltrjqz9n-project-298-concurrent-0

Application information:

General paths:
Config directory: /etc/icinga2
Data directory: /var/lib/icinga2
Log directory: /var/log/icinga2
Cache directory: /var/cache/icinga2
Spool directory: /var/spool/icinga2
Run directory: /run/icinga2

Old paths (deprecated):
Installation root: /usr
Sysconf directory: /etc
Run directory (base): /run
Local state directory: /var

Internal paths:
Package data directory: /usr/share/icinga2
State path: /var/lib/icinga2/icinga2.state
Modified attributes path: /var/lib/icinga2/modified-attributes.conf
Objects path: /var/cache/icinga2/icinga2.debug
Vars path: /var/cache/icinga2/icinga2.vars
PID path: /run/icinga2/icinga2.pid

php version : 7.3

type = “ldap”
hostname = “ldaps://XXX.XXXXX.de”
port = 636
encryption = “starttls”
root_dn = “DC=xx,DC=int”
bind_dn = “xx@xx”
bind_pw = “xxx”

backend = msldap
resource = my_ad


please also include the version of Icinga Web 2.

If you’re using anything lower than v2.6.3 you’d have to upgrade. Otherwise PHP 7.3 is not supported.

If you’re already on Icinga Web 2 v2.6.3 or higher, please take a look in the log (/var/log/icingaweb2/icingaweb2.log) and show the full error (with stacktrace) that should be included there.

it is resolved , i changed encryption from starttls to ldaps now is working .
Icinga Web 2 Version: 2.8.1