Issue with polling of devices in icinga distributed environment

Hi Team,

Its observed that polling of the devices are not happening continuously in the environment. I am getting last check value as few days before, even my polling interval is set to 5 mins. Attaching the snap for your references. I could see that the issue is not only for this device, but other devices as well. Clock like symbol is coming for such hosts.

I am attaching the zones.conf as well as the icinga logs from master and satellite servers.

Any help would be highly appreciable to solve the polling issue.

Rajiv (192.2 KB)


Can somebody help me out with this issue?


Hello @rajivram,
Did you include you zone.conf file? I do not see it in the zipped file.

Did you configure the suggested health checks into your Icinga setup? This is great help when troubleshooting connection problems.


Hi Alex,

Attaching the zones.conf here.

I have not configured health checks yet. Will do that.zones.conf.txt (1.0 KB)


Hello @rajivram,
Can you also include the zones.conf file the is used on host BLRUSTCMPWHYP04?

Disclaimer: My Icinga setup is two master servers with HA enabled. I have NO satellites configure in my Icinga2 setup. Maybe another community member with satellites configured in there setup can help with your problem.

I believe your problem is with the satellite zone. I think you can only have two endpoints in a master or satellite zone. I did not find this anywhere in the online documentation but remember this during my Icinga training class. I believe the reason for only allowing two endpoints is because when the Icinga2 application starts it copies your conf files to the other master and satellites and having more that two can cause a never ending conf copy loop problem.



yes more than two endpoints per zone is not supported. The nodes will sync each other to death (message routing loop).

There is only a note in the documentation:

There is a known problem with >2 endpoints in a zone and a message routing loop. The config validation will log a warning to let you know about this too.


Thanks alot @fluxX @aclark6996 for the inputs.
I have again split the satellite zone into satellite 1 and satellite 2 consisting of 2 end points.
So far i have not observed the polling issue.
We can mark this case as closed.