Issue with managing modules

I installed and enabled a module and then later decided to disable it and remove it.

After disabling it I try to remove it using - icingacli module remove
I get this error:
ERROR: Icinga\Exception\IcingaException in /usr/share/php/Icinga/Cli/Command.php:143 with message: Not implemented yet

And if I delete the module from the folder it still shows up in the modules section on the GUI.

I have then installed another module, enabled it, but then when I try to update the module it does not show up in the GUI that the version has changed. Trying to disable and re-enabled does not work, and once again trying to remove it you get that error.

I have noticed that most commands using the icingacli command gives the same error. What is the point of have these commands listed that can be used and yet none of them actually work.

How do I remove these modules completely from the system? And why does the GUI not represent what is actually installed?