"Invoke-IcingaCheckEventlog" missing parameter "MaxEntries"

For the check “Invoke-IcingaCheckEventlog” i miss the parameter “MaxEntries” in the conf on the Server. On the Windows client I can use this parameter. How do I get the current conf files on the server. Do I have to update the director? I have the director (1.8.0).

did you update your director commands?
it contains the maxentries parameter since 1.5, but not in 1.4

you can use a basket to update the command.

i also recommend update director to 1.8.1

Sorry for the late answer…I had holydays.
If I see that correctly, only the one check is updated. What’s the best way to update all Windows checks? Are they coming with the director?

sadly it does not come with director but you should update the director anyway

thats a bucket which can be imported by the icinga director bucket functionality

Thanks for your answers. I got a syntax error message with the basket … I get the error with every json from the folder. I have now found the conf files on the server and exchanged them directly. Now it works. Thanks