Install a clean icinga2 system with icingadb

Hi all!
I got an Ubuntu 18.04 and started installing all icinga2 packages and icingadb.
I didn’t install ido because I thought icingadb replaces ido?
I’m failing doing initial setup of icinga2web:


there’s not only the IDO that’s replaced by Icinga DB but also the monitoring module of Icinga Web 2 has a successor: Icinga DB Web

You don’t need to install/configure the monitoring module in the wizard. Just install Icinga DB Web and then do the wizard again and configure that.

I see!
I now get stuck at:

I did some progress. Now I got stuck here:

None is working.

All three errors are clearly showing what’s wrong. And without any more details on how you’re installing this, I can’t help you.

Did you use the official packages? Are you following the documentation or some other guide? Is Icinga 2, Icinga DB and Icinga DB Redis running on the same system?

Yes, I exactly followed the official guide and I used official packages.

Icinga 2, Icinga DB and Icinga DB Redis are all running on the same system.

netstat -tulpen shows me that port 6380 is in listening state.

Okay, have you already taken a look in Icinga 2’s log? Is Icinga 2 able to connect to redis? The last error indicates the connection from the Webserver to redis succeeded, but Icinga 2 seems not to be connected.

icingadb -config /etc/icingadb/icingadb.ini shows:

I’ve taken a look in icinga2.log but it only shows informational messages of check commands.
How can I check if icinga2 is connected? Are there special config files I need to edit?

Icinga 2 also has a new writer feature which needs to be configured/enabled.

Icinga DB’s installation instructions unfortunately don’t include how to enable Icinga 2’s writer. That’s part of Icinga 2’s documentation here:

Thank you, that was the last missing step.
Can you tell me if icinga db can already be used in productive environments?

And two more questions:
Are you able to delete “recently recovered services” on the dashboard? I am not.

And I’m missing host and service problems as in icingaweb2:

Is there a way to manually create them as new tabs?

Not quite yet. Icinga DB is still only a release candidate.

Yep, works fine.

The menu entries for hosts and services have still the badges. But these are now clickable which, when clicked, show you the same view as previously Host Problems and Service Problems did.