"INSPECT" not working

Under “Actions” clicking on “Inspect” on any host/service gives a php error.
The image shown below is from a “hostalive” for a a system orville

This use to work but has not for a number of updates to Icinga. Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint exactly when it stopped working as I tend to use “Inspect” when I work on new checks which occurs sporadically.

Some ideas on how to debug/fix this would be appreciated.

icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: r2.13.7-1)
  • PHP version used (php --version)
PHP 7.3.33
  • Server operating system and version
CentOS 7.9.2009  x86_64

You have a very recent Icinga Web version, but a very old director and incubator version. Try upgrading those.

I updated incubator and director and that fixed the problem.
Thank you

Current versions are now;.

Interestingly ipl is actually 0.11.0 according to the VERSION file but for some reason it still reports as 0.5.0.

Is there a way to check when these modules have an update? I check and update the RPM’s when they become available, but these modules I had forgotten about after the original installation.

The ipl module is not necessary anymore with a version of Icinga Web above 2.8.x. You can remove it, especially since you upgraded the director now. If you also have the reactbundle module still installed, the same applies.

I had disabled the reactbundle module as I did see that it was no longer needed.
I just disabled ipl just now and all seems to be still working, so that is good.

Again thank you for the information and assistance.