Importing existing config in new setup

I am new to Icinga and need some help.

I have to import already existing configurations to another Icinga setup.

My master node is one Debian server in intranet in my company and I successfully installed Icinga2 on it. My agent node is also a Debian server in intranet and monitoring of the agent from the master works fine, but this agent is not so relevant for this case. Nodes in intranet are not publicly accessible, they are protected with a proxy.

There is one external server on which Icinga is installed and which is used to monitor some Raspberry Pis using passive checks. That also works fine.

My problem is, that I have to connect external server with my internal Icinga setup, so that the master node in my intranet becomes also parent of the external Icinga instance, but I need to keep all configs and checks that are currently defined on the external server. Is there a way to do that without additional complications?

I hope that you understand what is my problem. If you need any additional information, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.

Hello Edin!

Sounds like you want your existing master to connect to a new, external, satellite. After that I’d copy and paste the existing external node config into the new satellite zone and see if the new satellite does what it should (same as existing external node). Finally decommission the existing external node.


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Thank you.