Import sources sync debug

(icinga 2 latest version, director latest version)


I’ve set up some import sources (vsphere, x509, proxmox) and successfully automated the hosts creation.

Yet, the import source syncs keep displaying that they’re out of sync (though nothing changed in the source infrastructure).

What is the way to see the actual data icinga is relying on to decide whether a sync is actually needed?

Where is stored the actual import source stream?

Thank you for helping me to debug this.

I have a older version of the director but it’s a longstanding annoyance that I go over changes with no diff.

Hi @rivad ,

(As english is not my mother tongue, I’m not sure to understand)
Are you writing that you’re facing the same issue, but there’s no workaround and things are actually running well?

I’m also not a native speaker so confusion is bound to happen.

Yes, I face the same problem and deploy some “do nothing” changes.