Implementing HA Master-Master setup

hi all . I am trying to setup and configure a HA Master-Master distributed setup,i have setup like 2 masters with different dbs servers but I’m having trouble understanding the best implementation for this solution.i have created a directory zones.d/master in primary created agents.conf and hosts.conf but master1 only showing the setup when i added the same in secondary the primary and secondary sync is happening

Hello Devin

Can you share which manual for HA setup did you follow ?

What you described is not the documented way that Icinga HA masters are set up.


I am following the same docs but with separate db for both masters
Just confused how i will run node wizard on master2?if i run as agent how i will get ticketsalt for master2
Little bit confused while reading the docs

First of all the secondary master is just working as a satellite. The TicketSalt will only be configured on the primary / main master since it is used for ticket hashing. Means the secondary “master” will forwards as every other satellite the request to the only one master.

Simply explained:

Master one = Master setup
Master two = Satellite setup

Master two will join “master”-zone as “satellite”
Master one is the only system for pki related stuff.

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Thanks for the reply , iam new to icinga

So when i am running node wizard setup in agent First i will give for master1 Then master2 Zone as masters

So when i am running pki ticket on master 2 it is showing
Critical/cli ticket salt must be specified