IfW perform remote check on master cli for agent

Hi all,

i currently think about an agent switch from NSClient++ to Icinga for Windows. I already have IfW installed on a test system and it works very well. I integrated the default invoke commands and play a bit with it and test several vars and options. During this i got following topic in my mind:

Is it Possible to perform a IfW remote check on master command line?

I did this from master with NSClient and check_nrpe in the past:

This was always quite usefull for testing and playing with several attributes and thresholds.

Is there a possible equivalent using IfW?

/perform_ifw_remote_call -H AGEND_IP -c Invoke-IcingaCheckCPU

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I think this is what you are looking for:

But there is a disadvantage: you have to setup up winRM in order to use it.

hi moreamazingnick and thanks for the quick response.
I took a look at check_by_powershell but this is not what I’m looking for. Enable winRM is not possible in my case :frowning: . The system have a strict ruleset nearly no connection from outside is allowed. The Win System is configured that only the agend is able to establisch the connection to the master.

Therefor I’m looking more like a solution to simulate a check trouh the icinga cluster protocoll.
like the “run now” button in icingaweb2. This function triggered on the command line.

not as easy to explain…