Icingaweb2 shows the wrong check source

|company |1.0.0|
|director |1.8.1|
|doc |2.9.3|
|eventdb |1.3.0|
|fileshipper |1.2.0|
|incubator |0.6.0|
|ipl |v0.5.0|
|monitoring |2.9.3|
|pnp |1.0.1|
|reactbundle |0.9.0|
|translation |2.9.3|
|vspheredb |1.1.0 |

Icinga runs on SLES 15 SP2checvks

I changed the zone of host from master to satellite inside the Director
No checks results are shown and the check source doesn’t change either.
Icingaweb2 still shows the master instead of the satellite.
When switching back things work fine.

The debuglog shows that the check source did change but was not deplayed.

Some machines could be placed in another zone but others not.

Where can I find or set the check source in order to be displayed and used for checks?

Are you sure the satellite actually works?

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The Director set the master as a satellite, but does that master actually think it’s a satellite now?

Yes the satellite works, cause other checks of agents belonging to this zone are ok.