Icingaweb2 dashboard in internet explorer


We encounter a problem with icingaweb2 dashboard.
It does not load anything if we open it in Internet Explorer .
In Mozila Firefox everything works fine.
If I open the console in IE i get the following error:

var icinga = new Icinga({
baseUrl: ‘/icingaweb2’

Icinga2 is undefined

Can you suggest anything ?

Thank you in advance !


that happens if the javascript can’t be loaded. Which IE version is this exactly and which version of Icinga Web 2?


We use IE 11 and icingaweb2 2.7.3 .

Thank you !

Works fine for me with IE11.

Are there any modules active? With which versions? (That’s shown on the about page)

Hi ,

Thank you. It was because of a module i installed (dependency).
When i disabled it it worked without problems.

Best regards !