IcingaDB Quick Start Question

Hi All,

Great job on releasing IcingaDB! Have a quick question related to upgrading from IDO Mysql. Can somebody confirm my process:

  • Install IcingaDB
  • Point it to fresh Redis (was not there before)
  • Point it to the previous IDO-MYSQL database
  • Disable ido-mysql

What is confusing for me can I re-use ido-mysql database to keep the history or if I need to create a new DB and then I lost everything that I had in the past.

Many thanks

Hi Dariusz,

You need to create a fresh mysql database and import the new icingadb schema (here) and map redis and mysql within the icingadb configuration file

Not sure if there’s a way to migrate history data from IDO to IcingaDB

Not yet: cmd/ido2icingadb: migrate history from IDO to Icinga DB by Al2Klimov · Pull Request #253 · Icinga/icingadb · GitHub