Icingadb not working with icingaweb2 on Ubuntu


The installation instructions for icinga2 recommend using icingadb

It’s recommended to use the newer Icinga DB feature, if you don’t need PostgreSQL.

It appears that icingaweb2 setup does not support icingadb. There is a step where the database backend is configured and only DB IDO is offered. Subsequently icingaweb2 shows errors about missing database tables.

I have reported this as github ticket #7934 which describes the full installation method used on a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.4. Can anyone here help me get this working? Has anyone got icinga2, icingaweb2 and icingadb working on Ubuntu? I am stuck and need this working to progress some urgent work.


IcingaDB is still connected to Icinga 2.12 which is a release candidate. While it’s great you’re on it for testing, please remember, that it’s not fit for production use. On the other hand this means that we do our best to give support because we want this to reach production stage ASAP but still support for stable releases has higher priority.

Thanks @twidhalm. I will try to figure out what is actually the stable release… I followed the installation documentation closely which specifically recommends using icingadb. If anyone here can point me at valid instructions on installing icinga + icingaweb on Ubutnu I would appreciate it. I have installed so many times over the past few days and still don’t have a working system.


Here you are:


He he… that is where I have followed instructions to the letter but it doesn’t work! I have filed a bug for installation failing using these instructions for icingadb and will now do similar for my attempt to get DB IDO working. It is rather frustrating but I hope that my detailing each and every step of installation, from a clean Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 installation, following the instructions on the website will allow someone to identify what is wrong and update the docs (and let me know how to make it work).

Hey there,
just to clarify: you skipped all of the Icinga DB parts of the installation and went for the IDO, but it still didn’t work?

I followed the installation instructions, skipping Icinga DB and following DB IDO. I managed to get it working but found that Ubuntu seems to block root user from creating tables when asked by icingaweb setup. It didn’t seem to matter what permissions I granted root user. I worked around this by creating a new user with all permissions on all tables with grant option (like root) then used this user in the web setup. I will report this as in github (#7939).

I also struggled to work through the several screens of setup. It asks lots of questions about lots of databases and it is not clear which users for which databases to use. It would be advantageous to give some guidance in the installation documentation about this stage. Currently the docs just say navigate to icingaeweb2/setup. A screen-by-screen guide would really help here. And / or providing more info in the web context help. Each cell has an info box and some say things like, this database will be created later where others just say, enter the database name. Some guidance here would be helpful.

I have my test environment running now (yay!) but am not quite sure what users are using what databases for what purpose! That isn’t a big issue for this build as I just need something to test configurations but it would worry me for a production deploy.



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Congratz on getting your setup to work! :smile::+1:

And thanks for the feedback - I’ll try to push it to the right channels as well and see to it that we make the whole process more welcoming for new users!

If you feel like it, you can also submit a pull request yourself of course, we’re always happy to see contributors! :blush:
You have the “new user” perspective now and know exactly what felt wonky to you (which we might not even realise, since our devs have been staring at the product for a while already now)

Anyhow, thanks again, your feedback is highly appreciated!