IcingaDB doesn't have default dashboards

Making a clean setup of Icinga2.12 with IcingaDB and monitoring module disabled, we don’t have any kind of default dashboards, it’s an option to migrate dashboards from existing monitoring module, but if we configure new icinga2 with automation, there is no option to create some predefined dashboards for the users

Is there any way to automate it? or any kind of options to set custom dashboard for all users

here’s one option:
make the following file: /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/defaultDash/configuration.php

<?php // -- // quick plugin hack to add back some default dashboards that icingadb doesn't provide // -- $Overview_dashboard = $this->dashboard( 'Overview', ['priority' => 10] ); $Overview_dashboard->add(N_("Overview"),"icingadb/tactical",1 ); $Overview_dashboard->add(N_("Host Problems"),"icingadb/hosts?host.state.is_problem=y",2); $Overview_dashboard->add(N_("Service Problems"),"icingadb/services?service.host.state.is_problem=y",3); $Overdue_dashboard = $this->dashboard('Overdue Checks', ['priority' => 20] ); $Overdue_dashboard->add(N_("services"),"icingadb/services?service.state.is_overdue=y",2); $Overdue_dashboard->add(N_("hosts"),"icingadb/hosts?host.state.is_overdue=y",1); $Health_dashboard = $this->dashboard( 'Monitoring Health', ['priority' => 30] ); $Health_dashboard->add(N_("Icinga Health"),"icingadb/health" ); ?>

then go an enable your new plugin on the web interface

@rcstChris, yeah i saw it as example, if implemented it little bit in a different way:

$config = $this->getConfig();
$this->dashboard_list = $config->toArray();
foreach ($this->dashboard_list as $dashboard_name => $dashboard_config ) {
    $dashboard = $this->dashboard(N_($dashboard_name), array('priority' => $dashboard_priority));
    foreach ($dashboard_config as $dashlet_name => $dashlet_url) {

It’s able to read config.ini file:

Service Problems=icingadb/services?service.state.is_problem=y
Host Problems=icingadb/hosts?host.state.is_problem=y

Service maintenance=icingadb/services?service.state.in_downtime=y
Host maintenance=icingadb/hosts?host.state.in_downtime=y

Service overdue=icingadb/services?service.state.is_overdue=y
Host overdue=icingadb/hosts?host.state.is_overdue=y