IcingaDB and Redis seperated


Im Starting with IcingaDB and wanted to know if have have to install icingadb on my icinga master and redis on my webserver (icinbaweb2). Is is possible to connect to a seperated redis server where both, master and satellite connect to?

Im not sure with the architecture …

Thank you

Not specific to you IDO of choice (in this case IcingaDB), but your Redis and/or IcingaDB can live anywhere, as long as you can connect the correct Icinga related services to them.

For example, using the MySQL IDO, we connect Icinga2 to an icinga2 database on dbserver1.local and connect Icingaweb2 to an icingaweb2 database that is also on dbserver1.local

Similar as above – as long as your firewall rules across your network are correct, it doesn’t really matter where Redis lives (or any other IDO) as long all machines that you need to connect to it can reach it.

We use Centreon Plugins for a lot of things and have ~6 agents in two or three different US States connected all to the same Redis server.

About - Icinga DB has an image showing a simple architecture. Only your master needs to connect to Redis, all remaining Icinga 2 nodes shouldn’t connect to any Redis and don’t even have to know that you’re using Icinga DB (similar to how you’d only configure IDO on your master).

In case you have a HA master zone, you’d add a second Redis server and a second Icinga DB instance. Both will write to the same relational database though and Icinga Web 2 will connect to both Redis server. The set of one Icinga 2 instance, one Redis server, and one Icinga DB instance can be seen as one unit in the sense that if any of this fail, it wont write any more data and you’re relying on the second set of those in this case. Therefore it kind of makes sense to run this three components on the same host.