Icinga2.state - save to delete?

in /var/lib/icinga2/ are many icinga2.state.* Files back to the year 2016. Some have 0 Bytes, many 4.0K, some up to 30M of size. In total it’s ~2GB.
Sometimes the Files are kept every day - then nothing for months, like here:

-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 4.0K Jan 10 2019 icinga2.state.Q44bY6
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 0 Jan 10 2019 icinga2.state.TIeqpb
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 4.0K Jan 10 2019 icinga2.state.pSPAXq
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 4.0K Jan 10 2019 icinga2.state.blM9fH
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 32M Oct 10 10:35 icinga2.state.m5ZZnh
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 26M Oct 19 07:43 icinga2.state.848cxf
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 24M Oct 19 07:48 icinga2.state.eMYEpC
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 140K Oct 19 07:53 icinga2.state.6tPSwO
-rw------- 1 icinga icinga 20K Oct 19 07:58 icinga2.state.6wYuwN

Is it save to delete the older (eg. before 2019) icinga2.state - Files?
How does Icinga decide which files are deleted and which not?

icinga2-Version is v2.6.2



that’s a bug with file renaming, all these .XXXXX files are temporary files which are not unlinked after moving them into the right place. You can safely delete all of them, except icinga2.state. The bug is tracked here.


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