Icinga2 crash log


Icinga2 would occasionally does “Segfault” but I don’t see the crash log/report getting generated in /var/log/icinga2/crash directory.

Wondering if I need to enable “debug” for that.

Any idea?


what happens when you type ,icinga2 daemon -C" ?

The validation gets completed without any Error or Critical message.

Icinga2 crashes with “segfault” like this and I would like to get the “stack trace” which is supposed to be generated in the crash report I guess unless there is another method to force the crash dump.

icinga2[2438]: segfault at 28 ip 00007ff9e3f5de42 sp 00007ff9dab2fc20 error 4 in libbase.so[7ff9e3e10000+1df000]


Give us some details about the machine this is happening to, such as:

  • what type of CPU (mainly, 32-bit or 64-bit)?

  • how much RAM?

  • how much disk space (for the partition containing /var/log/icinga2) is

  • which Linux distribution / version are you running?

  • how did you install Icinga (compiled from source / installed from package /
    which package repository)?

  • which version of Icinga is it?

Also, what do you mean by “occasionally” (how often does this occur), how long
have you been running Icinga on this machine, and have the Segfaults been
happening from the start, or only more recently?

Finally, is this machine running any other significant applications (Apache,
MySQL, Asterisk, any MTA, Samba…) and if so, do they ever show similar