Icinga2 2.11.2-1 Restart on Reload

I recently updated to icinga2 2.11.2-1 to take advantage of the new way icinga2 reloads. I noticed in the logs on a reload it still says its shuts everything down and restarts it. I just wanted to ask here to see if that is the desired behavior or if I am seeing something that should not be happening.

This is running on centOS 6.8 :frowning:

Here is an example of what I see (fyi, the time stamps were removed)

information/Application: Received request to shut down.
information/Application: Shutting down…
information/CheckerComponent: ‘checker’ stopped.
information/NotificationComponent: ‘notification’ stopped.
information/LivestatusListener: ‘livestatus’ stopped.
critical/Socket: accept() failed with error code 9, “Bad file descriptor”
critical/LivestatusListener: Cannot accept new connection.
information/ApiListener: ‘api’ stopped.
information/FileLogger: ‘main-log’ started.
information/ApiListener: ‘api’ started.
information/ApiListener: Started new listener on ‘[]:5665’
information/LivestatusListener: ‘livestatus’ started.
information/LivestatusListener: Created UNIX socket in ‘/var/run/icinga2/cmd/livestatus’.
information/NotificationComponent: ‘notification’ started.
information/CheckerComponent: ‘checker’ started.

Not sure what you were expecting, but the umbrella process cannot take over tcp socket handling, so it still shuts down the old process, while the new one already loaded everything. Details can be found here.

Thanks for the reply. That is what I was looking for.