Icinga Web2 "Page not Found"


I am new to Icinga2 (new to Monitoring in general) but I have been tasked to install and configure Icinga2 and Icinga2Web on a Ubuntu 18.04 System. I followed a Guide on how to do that and was successful in getting into IcingaWeb2. Now 2 weeks after setting that up I now get a “Page not Found” message when I try to access the login Page for IcingaWeb2. I did not make any changes to the System in the 2 weeks when I was not present and to my knowledge no one touched it so I am not sure what changed. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Alex,

What web server are you running here? Apache, nginx or something else? Is it reverse proxied to php-fpm? If the services are up and running without any obvious issues, we’ll want to take a look at your config.

Hey Blake,

Thank you for the quick reply!
I am running Apache. I am not sure what you mean by reverse proxied to php-fpm but when I list all my running services it lists php7.1-fpm. Is that what you mean? What config should I take a look at?

Hm, do you have a link to the guide you went off of?

With “Page not found”, I would try restarting php-fpm and then Apache, then check your http access logs to see if you get a clue there. The documentation will quickly give me an idea of how you set it up though.

Yes I do have a link but the Guide is in German. I did try restarting apache and it didn’t result in anything. I will try restarting php-fpm now.
If you still want to look at the guide here is the link

The config is in english so I can tell what’s going on. I didn’t notice the icingaweb2 package includes a default Apache config file because I’m an Nginx guy. Make sure you have a valid symlink from /etc/apache2/conf-available/icingaweb2.conf to /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/icingaweb2.conf.

So php-fpm is definitely serving it based on this and Apache is running a reverse proxy to it. If you’re still getting “Page not found” after restarting and verifying the symlink, look for the php-fpm log folder (not sure where it’ll be located on Ubuntu, try locate) and check for errors. If nothing’s there, we’ll want to look at the httpd logs.

I’m not sure what a symlink is and how I know whether mine is valid but I can show you screenshots of the two files you were pointing me to. Both look exactly the same and they look like this

Something I forgot to mention is that I had to downgrade php7.2 to php7.1 because I was getting an error when I first tried to open up icingaweb2

So it’s still happening?

Change into /etc/apache2/conf-enabled and do ls -l . That’ll show you what the files in there are pointing to. If you don’t see icingaweb2.conf or it’s pointing somewhere that doesn’t exist, that means Apache isn’t even loading it.

icingaweb2.conf is pointing to …/conf-available/icingaweb2.conf

I still can’t log into icingaweb2 if that is what you mean yes it’s still showing me this screen


I restarted these 3 services plus apache after restarting the entire system

Whoa, okay, I figured you were getting a standard Apache error, but that’s something in Icingaweb gone missing.

What’s the full URL you’re trying to hit right there? Go ahead and change any visible hostnames to example ones.

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When I am trying to reach the icingaweb2 login page I’m typing in

Another thing I forgot to say is whenever I want access to the System I am trying to monitor I have to use Sophos SSL VPN Client in order get access

Correct would be http://ipAdress/icingaweb2/authentication/login :wink: (if this is not a typo in the forums post)
Best is to just call http://ipaddress/icingaweb2 this will automatically redirect you to the login page.


Oh no. I cannot believe this. I am so sorry to take up someones time for this because of a typo. Thank you Blake for helping me and Thank you log1c for pointing out that mistake. I am seeing the login page now again. I’m going to be more careful next time