Icinga Web shows checks which are deleted from Icinga backend (API)


We deployed a bunch of checks via Icinga API, then removed them also via API.
Checks do not exist in API, we do not see them in /v1/objects/services/?attrs=name API.

But they still show up in Icinga Web UI.
If we try to click “Check now”, we see 404 error, because of course checks don’t exist in API.

  1. Is there a way to refresh a list of checks in Icinga Web without dropping the database?
  2. How could it happen? Is it a bug? Could it be caused by bad configuration?


Check if there are files on other masters/satellites left over with

icinga2 object list --type service --name SERVICENAME

on all masters/satellites, it will show you in which file the configuration is loaded.

Turned out, it was related to “cleanup” configuration. We didn’t have any, and it caused old checks deleted from API to be still visible in UI.
We are going to change it to cleanup after 0 days, so it should solve the issue.

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