Icinga upgrade

I had working Icinga system on Suse Leap 15.1. After upgrade to Leap 15.2 Icinga is not working. It is not surprise for me, upgrade Icinga systems is expected.
The system was installed without zypper, step by step acc. the manual.
About version: I have only info from /usr/share/php/Icinga/Application/Version.php - 2.7.4
How to continue, please?

  • delete the system and make new, clean install
  • add installed rpms into zypper (which way?) and make the upgrade via zypper?


Solution found!
1.) zypper is smart and can monitor packages, when correct repo is added
2.) use github version icingaweb2, see Icingaweb2 Fatal Error directly after installation on Ubuntu 18.04 · Issue #3459 · Icinga/icingaweb2 · GitHub. The step by step manual is on the end of this thread - author pniel-cohen